Alan Manetzke - Al has umpired for over 30 years all across the midwest at both the youth and high school levels. Al is a walking encyclopedia of baseball and softball rules. When not on the diamond, Alan enjoys hunting and fishing.
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Alan Manetzke

Umpiring Basics

Set Position - You're Out!

Working the Plate - Get in the Slot!

2-Man System - A, B, and C

Umpire Communication - Hand signals


Strike Zone - Ball or Strike
Fair or Foul? - Pretty simple, right?
Balks - Watch closely
Illegal Pitch - A legal softball pitch
Runner Interference - Yield to the fielder
Infield Fly Rule - Ordinary effort, huh?


Umpire Training

Umpire Training Begins 1/31/2024

All sessions will be held in our admin building from 6 - 8:30.
The final session will be held on 3/27/2024.
Don't forget you are required to attend 6 of the 8 sessions and pass the final exam.
The final exam will be administered during the 9th and final session.

Umpires Wanted

Umpires Wanted for 2024!

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 season.
Fill out the employment application and email us @

Program Overview

Ellisville Athletic Association's umpire program is managed by our board and the umpire-in-chief. All questions regarding the program can be sent to umpire-in-chief at
Minimum Age: 13
Training: All umpires are required to attend annual training.
Exam: All umpires are required to pass an annual exam at the completion of training.
Account: Umpires must sign up for an account in our system. See quick links.
An 8 week training session is offered every year starting at the end of January. Topics which will be discussed during training include:
  • Being an Umpire - What does it mean to be an umpire?
  • Basic Responsibilities - What are the duties of an umpire?
  • Uniform and Equipment - What uniform and equipment is required?
  • Umpire Signals - What are the basic hand signals used by umpires?
  • Game Management - How do I start a game and keep it moving?
  • Rules - What are the rules and associated penalties?
  • Situations - How do I deal with disruptive coaches or players?

New umpires are required to attend all 8 weeks. Returning umpires are required to attend 6 of the 8 weeks. It is highly recommended all umpires attend ALL sessions.
Each umpire must pass the annual exam to be qualified to umpire games at EAA. This exam is administered at the end of training usually near the end of March. The minimum score required to become an umpire changes from season to season and is based on the number of umpires needed for the upcoming season.
Umpires are required to wear an EAA hat, blue shirt, grey pants, and umpire bag (brush and indicator) to each game. The hat, shirt, and bag can be purchased from EAA.
  • Blue Shirt - $20
  • Bag (Indicator w/Brush) - $10
  • Hat - $8

For plate umpires, EAA will provide a mask, chest protector, and shin guards prior to each game.
All games will be scheduled through our online system. To sign up for games, each umpire will require an account in our system. See quick links for instructions on how to create an account.
Pay is based on years of experience and performance. Starting pay and pay scale will be posted soon.