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For league games and practices, listen to our hotline message or call our hotline at 636-821-1656


For GMB tournaments, visit GMB's website or call their hotline at 314-896-2411

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****   2022   ****
Spring Registration Opens!
****   2023   ****
Spring Registration Closes!
Glen Herbst Tournament
Spring season begins!

3/9/2023 - June 9th is EAA Day at Busch Stadium

June Classic

EAA Day at Busch Stadium is June 9th!!!


What is EAA Day at Busch Stadium?
Walk the field!
Watch Waino one last time!
Win first pitch or batting practice!


When is EAA Day at Busch Stadium?
Friday, June 9th 7:15pm ... Cincinnati Reds vs Cardinals


How much for each ticket and where are they located?
$30 per ticket ($50 value)
Infield Pavilion


How do I purchase my tickets?
Buy your tickets online
Enter your team name in the note field


How can I pickup my tickets?
North concession stand on 6/1 or after


We will see you at the ballpark!