Field Status

For the June Classic tournament, visit USA Softball's website.

For the Game7 tournament, visit Game7's website or call their hotline at 314-514-4111

For the GMB tournament, visit GMB's website or call their hotline at 314-896-2411

For league games, listen to our hotline message
or call our hotline at

Upcoming Events

****   2020   ****
STLWEST Pre-season Tourney
Opening Day!
EAA Night at Busch Stadium!

3/24/2020 - COVID-19 Statement - Updated

Trivia Night

COVID-19 Statement

Ellisville Athletic Association is cancelling all sanctioned events for registered teams through April 23rd.

The health and safety of all Ellisville teams and family members is of utmost importance.

Additional information regarding the Pre-Season Tournament, Regular Season and more is provided in the full announcement from the league.

Use the link below to view the full announcement as agreed upon by all four STLWEST member associations (Eureka, Ellisville, Pond, and Ballwin).

STLWEST COVID-19 Announcement Update

3/10/2020 - June 1st is EAA Night at Busch Stadium

June Classic

EAA Night at Busch Stadium is June 1st!!!

What is EAA Night at Busch Stadium?
Walk the field!
Cardinal baseball!
Hang out with friends!
Win first pitch or batting practice!
When is EAA Night at Busch Stadium?
Monday, June 1st 7:15pm ... Blue Jays vs Cardinals
How much for each ticket and where are they located?
$20 per ticket ($43 value)
Big Mac Land (No sun!)
How do I purchase my tickets?
Buy your tickets online through Square!!!

We will see you at the ballpark!