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****   2024   ****
Umpire Training Starts!
Spring Registration Closes!
Spring STLWEST Season Begins!

4/2/2023 - June 24th is EAA Day at Busch Stadium

June Classic

EAA Day at Busch Stadium is June 24th!!!


What is EAA Day at Busch Stadium?
On-field parade!
Cardinals baseball!


When is EAA Day at Busch Stadium?
Monday, June 24th 6:45pm ... Braves vs Cardinals


How much for each ticket and where are they located?
$25 per ticket ($50 value)
Big Mac Land
Arrive 5:15-5:30 for on-field parade


How do I purchase my tickets?
Buy your tickets online


How can I pickup my tickets?
Dan Flaschar will contact each team


We will see you at the ballpark!