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Players Needing A Team

Enter age levelCompetition LevelEmail AddressPlayers NameCommentsCreated at
13uA/ We have enough 12/13 year old boys to start a new team.If interested please email or text me at 636-249-8393.Have a few good coaches already who’s coached several years 01/02/2023
8uRed/Blue (A/AA)coreyseidel@siu.eduCoreyLooking for an 8U A or AA team, DOB 11/10/14. Has been playing / practicing with older brother's team since he could pick up a ball. Good hitter. Utility player. Did well at catcher last season in local Washington rec league. Looking for something more competitive. 636-284-1794 01/24/2023
10u1st year Playing Ldyjudge@gmail.comJon WrightJon can Hit and Knows the basics, has been training all winter.01/28/2023
9u/10uWhite/Akristen.kinney@gmail.comBekimHe’s been playing up an age level since kindergarten. He’s a catcher. He loves the game and wants to be competitive and improve. 02/02/2023
17uAA and AAAKelly65441@yahoo.comAidan Has played club baseball for 9 years. Mainly a pitcher. 02/14/2023
12 or 13 U SoftballRecreationaljencarroll21@gmail.comAddison CarrollHas been playing up for CYC for last 2 years, good hitting, some pitching, any position.02/15/2023
12U genevieve@keyserenterprises.comKatja KeyserHe played with Ellisville or Ballwin for pst four years and is open to positions 02/21/2023
10Reddrewchandler36@gmail.comJoshua ChandlerBeen playing 2 years, looking for moderate competition 03/03/2023
12U ckrat85@gmail.comLiam  03/07/2023
7URecreationalmwricha@hotmail.comMaddoxSeeking 7U recreational team. He really wants to play ball this spring, have fun, and meet new friends. Please email if you have any openings.03/15/2023
boys baseball 4U/ girls trying to sign my son up for tball and daughter for softball if there is any tball openings left. 03/17/2023
9UBeginnerjamesbcairns@gmail.comJoshua CairnsNew to baseball. Huge for his age. Outfielder who can hit okay. Looking for positive coach. 03/21/2023
5Utrainingmartha.d.m7@gmail.comRonin TaylorNew to the area--trying to sign my grandson up for 5U baseball. Please let me know if it's possible to still get him on a team.03/29/2023
12UBeginnerwsmalaney@gmail.comBrooks 04/12/2023
12UBeginnertimandrew71@gmail.comJackNew to baseball. He's been practicing with me the last few years, but was never interested in playing on a team until now.04/24/2023
8UAnysanketpansara@gmail.comJiyaan Patel Jiyaan (DOB 12/14/15) has been playing/practicing regularly. Good hitter. Utility player. He loves the game and wants to be competitive and improve. Call 314-623-915105/16/2023
6U / 7URednewlin525@gmail.comMaverick6 year old looking for more competitive league. Has played the last couple years but needs to move to next level06/17/2023
12U Redvictoriagipson@gmail.comMilesMy son is wanting to play fall ball and is looking for a team. Our current team is out of Eureka and doesn't do fall ball.06/28/2023
10uA/AAK_winchester@outlook.comLuke winchesterHas played 4 years of rec ball. Looking for fall ball and spring. 06/29/2023
11uAaMacarild@yahoo.comChristian MacariLoves playing baseball, his current tigers team just dissolved so he is looking for a new team with a great fun coach07/10/2023
12UA/AAwlane10@hotmail.comLiam LaneCurrent team is dissolving/moving to a new league so we are looking for a new team. Played for 4 years and slowing moving up in levels. "A" league is most desirable but we are up for "AA" too. Thanks. 07/12/2023
11/12uBeginner fabrizio.katherine@gmail.comGrayson SpiroffIncoming 6th grade boy looking to get into a competitive baseball team. Open to any position. Very athletic and trainable, other sports team experience. Motivated, and a great team player.07/17/2023
14URedzannahbgill@yahoo.comTimmy GillCatcher, infield, outfield - can play any position. Good power hitting. Very coachable, team player, great work ethic.07/23/2023
13uA-AAjeichacker@sbcglobal.netCameron Eichackerwe need a fall ball team to play for. Mainly plays catcherbut can play almost anywhere.We have a team for next year - just trying to get fall work in07/28/2023
7UAA/AAAbr.feld@gmail.comCorbin FeldmanCorbin is 6 years old but he's too advanced for his age group so we're looking for a 7U team this spring. He hits well and has a strong arm. Catching is coming around. Has an older brother he badly wants to keep up with. 10/03/2023
11uCompetitive vtyberend@gmail.comJaden Tyberend Likes to play third, looking for a team. 10/08/2023
10UWhite/Red bally727@gmail.comJacob Ballantyne plays catcher but can play anywhere. 10/18/2023
14u jtbirkenkamp@att.netJack Birkenkamp  11/05/2023

Teams Looking For Players

Age LevelTeam NameManagers NameLevel of PlayManager EmailManager's PhoneCommentsCreated
14U Baseball - Fall and SpringWarriorsWade R. WieserWhite/Redwadewieser15@gmail.com3146101015We are a recreational team, with a large variance in player ability, from almost new to baseball to AA level. We focus on the growth of the players individually, based on where they are, while keeping it a fun game to play. We have a few younger/13U players, so we are comfortable with players playing up.01/30/2023
15U/16USidewindersJamaal BurnsAA/AAAjamaalb7@gmail.com3148092132We're a team focused on being competitive and striving to get each player to the next level. We have teams for the spring, summer, and fall. Need pitchers and catchers that can play multiple positions if needed 05/22/2023
15-18USouthwest StarsColby PattersonClub/Selectcolby.patterson96@gmail.com3143655221he Southwest Stars are hosting tryouts July 22 for our 15-18U teams. We offer a 12 week winter training program, spring training as needed, paid coaches, competitive tournaments and league play. Our price of $1,500 includes all our training and uniforms. Please contact me for more information.06/27/2023
15-18UChesterfield Legion Post 556Sean FalesCompetitivesean.fales@wwt.com636-255-4490Competitive program that includes winter training, summer league play and fall for under $900.07/10/2023
11uTigersLeslie MacariAAMacarild@yahoo.com5712951O37Loves playing baseball, his current tigers team just dissolved so he is looking for a new team with a great fun coach07/10/2023
8USTL MayhemKevin RoganSelectmayhemstl2015@gmail.com314 322-6306The STL Mayhem organization is excited to announce tryouts for the '23/'24 season. Tryouts are Wednesday, July 19th at Chesterfield Athletic Complex (17925 N Outer 40 Rd; field F4). Our organization is growing- we will have 3 teams next season - 8U, 10U and 12U. Please complete the Wufoo form if you plan to attend tryouts.
14URawlings Tigers DierbergMatt DierbergAA/AAApeter77kk@yahoo.com3148144512Skilled CATCHER Needed. Rawlings Tigers Dierberg 14U is looking for a catcher for this fall and next season. Winter workouts at our Rawlings Chesterfield indoor facility are included. For more information or a private tryout please email me.07/27/2023
13uMidland BanditsEric TheismanAAetheisman@gmail.com314-517-0723We are looking to fill our last roster spot. Pitching experience preferred.08/24/2023
8uMissouri BulldogsBob RothCompetitive (AAA)robertjroth87@gmail.com314-974-6261Select AAA team holding tryouts 10/21 @ 10a (Reber Park). Email for details.10/12/2023
8UUA St. Louis ProspectsMadison ChierAAmadwegner@gmail.com314-269-6564We are currently looking for a few players at the 8U age group for the 2023-24 season10/24/2023
12uSaint Louis PiratesChase MeierAAJustin@sandlotelite.com314-322-1924Catching experience is preferred, but open to players at all positions11/25/2023