Gold Select League Overview

Manager Benefits

  1. Set night for games
  2. No rescheduling rainouts
  3. Easier to plan practices
  4. Better competition, improving your team
  5. No games in July; no conflicts with big end of year tournaments or tryouts for 2020...and managers need vacations too!
  6. Roster up to 15 players

Parent/Player Benefits

  1. Set night for games (it's a big deal!).  Easy to schedule studying and you know you play only once a week.  No doubleheaders.  No 2-3 games during the week. 
  2. Equal mix of 6 and 8pm games
  4. No makeup games in July.  Plan that vacation with confidence after you have your team's tournament schedule!!!
  5. Your player gets competitive reps during the week and weekend.  

If you are interested in registering, please contact send an email to